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Skål! I'm Federico.

Don't be scared, I'm just a graphic artist.

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I’m one of the few people lucky enough to do what they love for living, and that’s why You can be 100% sure that working with me means dealing with an extremely friendly individual that will put enthusiasm & passion in every work.

<small>Class:</small><br/>Graphic Artist</b>

Graphic Artist

I mainly work as a graphic designer & web designer, but I also realize comics & illustrations for those who loves to laugh sometimes in this lovely life. I can design both manually & digitally by using Adobes‘s Photoshop & Illustrator.



I currently teach the art of web design in a professional school, after years of experience in this sector. Moreover, I still practice the job as a freelancer and I’m also an Adobe Certificated Associate in the using of Dreamweaver.

I’m a cartoonist & illustrator…

…from since I can remember; this is my greatest passion from when i was i child, and here you can see some of my best works of a lifetime.

Check out my art works!

…and also a graphic & web designer!

That’s why I like to call myself a graphic artist; I always worked as a graphic and web designer with the conviction that art and graphic design can be one thing, and give birth to actractive & accurate communication.

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For those fools who wants to help me make my dreams come true.

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If you’re interested in my work and want to get in touch, please feel free to contact me anytime!

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<small>I 9 Incarichi del Web Designer:</small> <br>#1 – Rispetta il Contenuto (Content-First)

I 9 Incarichi del Web Designer:
#1 – Rispetta il Contenuto (Content-First)

Il primo di una serie di guide HTML/CSS sui principi da seguire per creare un sito web. In questa guida spiegherò come creare una pagina HTML in logica Content-First.

Online il sito web di Parsifal Reparato

Online il sito web di Parsifal Reparato

Dopo una lunga ed accurata lavorazione, è online il sito web di Parsifal Reparato, Filmmaker, Antropologo, Giornalista e Direttore della Fotografia.

Logo Olimpiadi 2026 Milano/Cortina:<br/>Il Restyle si farà

Logo Olimpiadi 2026 Milano/Cortina:
Il Restyle si farà

Dopo le critiche del logo per le Olimpiadi 2026 presentato a novembre 2018, Palazzo Marino annuncia un concorso fra designer per realizzarne un restyle.