Graphic designer, illustrator & Art director, I achieved the professional qualifications of Advertising Designer, Graphic visualizer & Assistant Art Director at the AANT school in Rome.

After this specialization, I worked in many of the studied areas, gaining experience especially in the fields of Graphic & Web Design and digital art direction; I also made my first experience in teaching by working as an auxiliary teacher for two years at the same Academy where I obtained my professional qualifications.

At the same time, and for the next almost 8 years, I have been actively collaborating in the role of Digital Art Director, Team Leader and Senior Web Designer at MagaRental to develop this powerful Channel Manager for vacation rentals property owners.

I also worked as Art Director & Graphic Designer at the San Carlo Invest Group, for which I managed all the visual communication of the associated companies, creating various web and editorial materials. Moreover, during the years I realized several other projects, always in the graphic and artistic field, but as a freelancer.

Currently I’m teaching a Web Design master class at the ABC Formazione professional training school in the center of Rome.

Always prone to new experiences, I keep working as a freelancer designer, always looking forward to new opportunities that can also expand my knowledge.