A series of comics about movies, published until 2016 (?) on the website


Silvio Berlusconi ne: "il Giorno della Memoria"!

A series of satirical comics published in 2005 for the website

I Fumetti della Fattanza

Federico Gomato - I Fumetti Della Fattanza

A Lifetime work started in my youth about a group of young friends discovering the use of soft drugs…


Alice: A Mad-Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland: a Mad Tea-Party

A series of illustrations about the famous chapter “A Mad Tea-Party” from Lewiss Carol’s Alice in Wonderland.

Soundy (


Illustrations of Soundy, a mascotte created for the website, which represents the main arguments discussed in the website: movies and music.

“Randagio” – Jordi Valle


A series of illustrations published in 2007 by the publishing house Fuoridallerotte, for the book “Randagio” by Jordi Valle.